Richest Neighborhoods In Zurich

Zurich is consistently ranked among the most expensive cities in Europe, and if you have ever gone there for a night out, you likely noticed this fact. However, it’s not just the beer and food that cost that much, but also the real estate. There aren’t many people that can afford to buy a house in Zurich, but if you have ever wondered what the most expensive districts are, we have them here for you:

Kreis 8

In the south of Zurich, you will find the 8th district, which lies on the shore of the Seefeld lake. It’s a very green area filled with parks and gardens, most notably the Botanical garden of the University and the China Garden. However, what really makes the 8th district great is the lake and the surrounding areas. There is something unmatched in calmness about walking around a body of water, and there is a great and long boardwalk along the Seefeld. Here you will also find some nice restaurants and bars.

Kreis 7

The 7th district of Zurich is to the west of the city center and it’s another very green area. A large chunk of the neighborhood is the Adlisberg, which is a forest and mountainous area. Another aspect of the 7th district of Zurich is the Zoo, which is pretty nice and well worth the visit if you have the time. When it comes to the residential side of the neighborhood, there are many large and very expensive houses here. It’s not a particularly fun place to hang out in, but when it comes to living, it really is great. The 7th district is essentially a Swiss suburb for the very rich.

Kreis 1

The 1st district is the city center of Zurich, and like with most other European cities, it’s the economic and cultural center of the city. Here you will find the Instagram-perfect landmarks and buildings that you have read about. On top of that, many of the fancy clubs and bars, and restaurants are located here. While the 1st district of Zurich is a must-see, there are actually better places where you can live through Zurich, which are calmer and cheaper, but just as nice.