Richest neighborhoods in Zagreb

Croatia has been becoming more and more popular for European tourists, and that inflow of money, also aided by joining the EU, has led to large increases in prices. Real estate in Zagreb is high in demand and some of the neighborhoods are shooting higher and higher, compared to the rest. Here we have a list of the most expensive districts in Zagreb


Tuškanac is located just north of the historical center of Zagreb. At the same time, it’s a very woody, suburban area that is filled with houses. What makes Tuškanac unique, is the fact that it combines the access and short distance to the city center, with the calm and safe vibe of the suburbs. If you want to be close to the action, but also want to live in a big house, this is the best area to do so. There are also a few green spaces where you can go for a walk around here, and that’s a great benefit for many.


Pantovčak is further north into Zagreb. It’s a very suburban area, further away from the city center. It’s very affluent and a few embassies are located in this area. The houses here are expensive but still cheaper per square meter than the ones in the center. The area is also once for a walk. There is a small forest around here, so if you want to escape the busy city, Pantovčak might be the neighborhood for you. However, if you are just a tourist that wants to walk around Zagreb, there isn’t anything too special to see around here.


As with most other cities in Europe, the city center of Zagreb is one of the richest and most expensive areas in town. Here you will find all of the popular landmarks the city is known for, most of the bars and clubs are also here. The city center is also a great place to take a walk, people watch and enjoy the architecture. If you are a tourist, the city center is the place to stay in, as most of the things you are interested in will be here. However, if you plan on living in Zagreb long-term, there are better areas to pick.

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