Richest Neighborhoods in Stockholm

Everyone that’s been to Stockholm will tell you that it’s a very expensive city. You’ll hear horror stories about the price of beer, the food, and the rent. All of those things are true. However, it’s worth pointing out that there is a reason why Stockholm is so expensive and why people choose to live there, it’s because it’s awesome. Here you’ll find a list of the most amazing, wealthy, rich and expensive districts of Stockholm.


Östermalm is a very exquisite district and the home of some of Sweden’s most interesting buildings and establishments. Here you’ll find the National Library which has breathtaking architecture and the Stureplan square which hosts many cool bars and restaurants. The district is one of the wealthiest and most expensive in Stockholm, which makes it a great place to live in, or just visit if you are a tourist. The prices of the houses here are the highest in the entire city, which says a lot considering how expensive Stocholm’s other neighborhoods are.


Vasastan is a great residential district where many Swedes choose to settle down. What sets it apart from the other areas of Stockholm are the many parks. The Vasaparken, the Observatorielunden, and the Tegnérlunden are all located here. If you are a lover of nature, picnics, or have a dog, this is a must-visit place for Sweden. There is nothing better than taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city in one of the green areas that are located in Vasastan. It’s also a very residential area, which makes it ideal for getting away from the many tourists in Stockholm.


Kungsholmen is actually an island and one of the coolest areas that Stockholm has to offer, especially in summer. Here you’ll find the municipality of Stockholm, which is housed in a great building. However, what makes it notable is not the architecture, but rather the fact that the Noble prices are held here. In summer some of the boats in the water turn into bars, which is the best place for a few overpriced beers. However, that’s only feasible when the temperature allows for it.

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