Richest Neighborhoods In Seoul

Going to Seoul is like going to the future. Many of the city’s visitors are impressed by the architecture, infrastructure, and culture that the South Koreans have managed to craft for themselves. It’s easy to become enchanted by the urban marvel that Seoul is and wonder where the best of the best districts are. We did dome research and compiled a list of the richest districts in Seoul, to help guide you to the best areas that the city has to offer:


Yongsan-gu is a very central neighborhood of Seoul, located on the northern bank of the Han river. It’s an old district, that still manages to preserve some of the old Korean vibes while managing to be modern and different. Some of the notable buildings and landmarks here are the National Museum, War Memorial, and the Yongsan Garrison where 20000 US troops and their families reside. As you can imagine, the large presence of Americans changes the vibe and culture of the neighborhood, but it adds a Western flavor that many people appreciate.


Songpa-gu is located to the west of Yongsan and on the southern bank of the Han river. Songpa is rapidly developing and competing to be one of the top areas of Seoul. It was the setting of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, but nowadays tech seems to be the main area of focus. It’s certainly a business-oriented place and mainly focused on the economy, but there are a lot of cool things to do and see, such as multiple parks and lakes. Besides that, there are countless bars, restaurants, and cool shops to check out.


Seocho is another one of the more business-friendly districts of Seoul. Here you will find some of the most significant buildings and corporate offices. The Samsung Town for example, but also a few other well-known Korean companies. However, what really sets Seocho apart is the Seorae Village, which is a small French enclave where most of the Frenc ex-pats in Seoul live. Here you will find many French restaurants and cafes, similar to a Little Italy district you can find in many American cities. If you want a trendy, modern district in Seoul, this is a great one.


There is one district that most people have heard of in Seoul and that’s Gangnam. The Gangnam district was popularized worldwide by the ‘Gangnam Style’ song, but in reality, it’s much more than a meme. Gangnam is the most affluent and rich neighborhood in Seoul, with many of the top businesses and establishments being located there. If you want to experience the wealth Seoul has to offer, you need to check Gangnam out.

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