Richest Neighborhoods in Saint Petersburg

The Imperial city of Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful and grandiose cities in the world. Depending on who you ask, it takes the crown from Vienna and Paris and constitutes the most marvelous city in Europe. Of course, Moscow is larger and is the capital of Russia, but it’s hard to argue that it’s more beautiful. If you have ever wondered where the most expensive and affluent neighborhoods of Saint Petersburg are, we have you covered:


The Admiralteyskiy (Адмиралтейский) district of Saint Petersburg is just west of the city center and borders the river, Neva. As you might guess from the name, it has a heavy naval and aquatic history, but nowadays this district is just one of the more trendy and popular ones in Saint Petersburg. You will find a few of the city’s landmarks here, like the Palace Square some palaces and museums. However, this is not a touristy neighborhood, but rather an old and aristocratic one, where many of the more affluent locals choose to live. It’s central, but still not overrun with crowds.


Kalininskiy (Калининский) is a huge and very residential district of Saint Petersburg. It’s a very industrial and old school, with a heavy Socialist vibe. Here you won’t find many touristy landmarks and things to take Instagram photos of. However, it’s very popular with the residents and if you want a quiet and residential area to live in, that is close to the center and easily accessible, you might choose to live in Kalininskiy. While it’s not on most travel guides, it does offer an interesting glimpse of the more normal and local way of life for the people that actually live in Saint Petersburg.


Petrogradskiy (Петроградский) is an island, surrounded by rivers on all sides. Its development began under Peter the Great, the namesake of the city, and Petrogradskiy used to be the center of the city. Nowadays, it’s a very desirable and expensive area, reserved for the very wealthy residents of Saint Petersburg. There are a few things to explore if you are just a tourist visiting the city, like the Peter and Paul fortress, the zoo or the war history museum. It’s a very beautiful old area of town, that everyone should consider visiting, and if they can afford it, live in. Also, don’t worry about it being an island, it’s easily accessible by road and with the metro.


The Tsentralny District (Центральный район) is the city center of Saint Petersburg and functions as the most important economic, commercial and historical area in the city. Here you will find many of the famous sights that the city has to offer, many of which you may have seen on postcards or, more likely, on Instagram. Castles, museums, theaters as well as countless bars and restaurants are all located here. If you’re a wealthy individual, this is likely the area you will choose to live in. It is a little busy and noisy, but it’s worth it for the amenities.

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