Richest Districts in Naples

Naples is well known around the world, albeit for different reasons. For some, it’s the quintessential mafia hot-spot, for others is the home of pizza and the ancient city Pompeii. Regardless, it’s a very unique and beautiful place that everyone should visit if they can. You may have wondered where the rich people in Naples live, and we have just the list for you. Here they are, the most expensive neighborhoods in Naples:

Colli Aminei – €3098 m2

Colli Aminei is a district of Naples that used to be popular with wealthy people, ever since Roman times. It’s located in the northwest of Naples and is some distance away from the city center and is therefore free from tourists. It’s a quiet and residential area, that doesn’t necessarily offer historical or touristy landmarks, but it’s a nice place for a walk. The Parco del Poggio is a really cool, urban park that is definitely worth seeing. Colli Amini is also a good district for having a pizza, as the prices are tailored to the locals.

Vomero – €3959 m2

Vomero is located in downtown Naples, right in the middle of everything. Here you will find everything that makes the city great, as well as some interesting landmarks. The Castel Sant’Elmo and Certosa e museo di San Martino are well worth exploring. Besides that, Vomero is a wealthy and orderly district, for Naples standards. It’s a great place to explore, as the architecture is unique and interesting and there genuinely are cool bars and restaurants to sit at and enjoy some local specialties.

Chiaia – €4646 m2

Chiaia is one of the most affluent districts of Naples, and it’s located on the seafront of the city. Here you will find the Villa Comunale di Napoli, as well as some of the most uxorious boutiques and restaurants that the city has to offer. If you want to experience a more fancy side of Naples, this is the neighborhood to check out. It’s a rich and safe area to walk around, which gives the city a more cosmopolitan and modern vibe.

Posillipo – €5139 m2

Posillipo is another one of those districts of Naples that were popular even during Roman times. There are a few notable villas there, as well as many big, expensive houses. Posillipo is the wealthiest and most costly area of all of Naples and you should definitely check it out, or if you have the money, buy one of the villas. There are also some nice restaurants in the district, but again they are expensive.

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