Richest cities in Turkey

Turkey is the bridge between Europe and the Middle East, well situated between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The country has an old and fascinating history and is still one of the most interesting regional economies. Wealth has flown in Turkey over the last few decades and some of the cities have developed massively. We have a list below, of the richest cities in Turkey:


Izmir is located in the west of Anatolia and is the third-largest city in Turkey. Due to its location on the coast of the sea, Izmir has a well-developed and used port, which brings in many jobs and wealth to the city. There is also a lot of industry situated in and around the city, largely due to its large size, historic significance, and opportune location. On top of that, Izmir is a cultural center of Turkey, popular with tourists and home to multiple universities.


Ankara is located in the center of Turkey and is also the country’s capital, despite most people thinking it’s Istanbul. The region around Ankara is traditionally known for agricultural production, such as grapes and honey. However, the real driver of the local economy is the Turkish state. The largest state-owned aerospace and defense companies are located here, as well as many ministries and government agencies. The large presence of the state provides many well-paying and stable jobs to Ankara and contributes to its affluence.


Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world and has a long and complimented history, which makes it well worth a visit. Just in itself, the city is a massive economy and has a lot of influence on Turkey, but also the entire region. Again, there is a lot of trade happening here, due to the very strategic location of the city, on the Bosphorus Strait. Besides tourism and trade, Istanbul is also the financial center of the country, with many banks and multinational companies choosing to open up an office here. Real estate is also a large and profitable industry in a massive and growing city like Istanbul.

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