Richest cities in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most visited and beautiful countries in the world. The rapid rise of tourism has coincided with other positive developments in the economy and has helped improve the standards of the Thai people. if you ever find yourself there, you might wonder where the wealthy and affluent people in Thailand live. We have a list of the richest cities in Thailand for that purpose:


Pattaya is on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, 100 kilometers away from Bangkok. The city is a part of the Eastern Economic Corridor, which is a special economic zone in Thailand, which means that large sums of money are invested in the area, and industry is situated here. Airports, deep-sea ports, high-speed railways, autoroutes, and more are all being built in and around Pattaya. Another important factor for the local economy is tourism, which is very dominant throughout the city, and also profitable.


Bangkok is the most populous and important city in Thailand, the driving force behind much of the economy. During the 80s and 90s, Asia experienced an investment boom and Bangkok benefited significantly from that. The city is a major financial center for the region and a lot of wealth is being generated, however, it is not very evenly spread and many parts of the city are still quite poor. Bangkok also benefits from a lot of tourism and a sizeable ex-pat community, which brings in foreign money.


Rayong isn’t the most exciting or popular city in Thailand, but it is the most affluent one. While there are beaches, restaurants, and some tourism here, it’s not extremely well known. The wealth of Rayong comes from the many factories and industries around the city, which provide for good, stable, and well-paying jobs for the locals. It is not the sexiest economic story in Thailand, but it is great for the locals.

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