Richest cities in Switzerland

This small, landlocked, and mountainous country is one of the most prosperous and developed countries in the world. Switzerland often seems too good to be true, from the amazing natural views to the beautiful and elegant cities. However, it is also one of the most expensive places in the world, with many visitors struggling to experience the fancy side of Switzerland. If you don’t have a problem with money or want to have one in the future, we have compiled this list of the richest cities in Switzerland:


On the border of Italy and Switzerland, not too far off of Milan, you will find the lake and town of Lugano. This is a very wealthy and beautiful area, filled with mountains and lakes to traverse and enjoy. It combines the beautiful language, culture, and food of Italy with the luxury and wealth of Switzerland. Some of the richest people in Europe and the world live here, from celebrities to shady Russian oligarchs, everyone agrees that this is one of the most amazing spots in Europe. If you can afford it, to have enough cash to spare, Lugano is an amazing location for a vacation or even longer-term living.


In the French part of the country, on the western side, you will find Geneva. It’s the most populous city in Switzerland and also one of the most expensive in the entire world. The city is more than just expensive, however. It also has beautiful architecture, a rich history, and a lot of important institutions located here. Many agencies of the United Nations are located here, which adds to the international vibe of Geneva. Besides diplomats, the city is also crawling with students and businessmen, so if you want to build a network, Geneva is a good place to be. Overall, this city is a good fit for everyone that wants a nice-sized, developed city, but do prepare some extra money for the relocation.


On the German side of Switzerland, you will find Zurich. Again, like Geneva, this is a big and modern city that has everything you might expect from a modern European city. There is great nightlife, there are restaurants, there is art and culture. On top of all of that, Zurich is a financial center, with a lot of big and important headquarters being located here. If you want to have fancy dinners with investment bankers and financiers, this is a wonderful place to live. of course, like all of the other Swiss cities on our list, it’s very expensive.

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