Richest Cities in Sweden

Sweden is often used as an example of a prosperous and developed country with all of its affairs in order. While that doesn’t tell the whole truth, there is no denying that Scandinavia and Sweden, in particular, are one of the best places in the world to live. It is a developed, European country with a great heritage and culture, and an amazing economy. If you have ever wondered what the richest cities in Sweden are, keep on reading:


Malmö is located just off of Denmark, with Copenhagen being a 30-minute drive away. While some associate it with an uptick in crime and gang violence, the city is still the third largest in Sweden and the third wealthiest. There are more than 350 000 people living in the municipality and it is growing quickly. The economy largely relies on shipbuilding and other industries, as well as the proximity to Denmark. The EU integration of the two countries, combined with the bridge that connects them has managed to bring a lot of Danish money into Malmö. On top of that, there are large companies, like IKEA that have headquarters here, providing employment and good wages.


Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and another economic powerhouse. This is a largely blue-collar city, with a lot of industry jobs. Shipbuilding is big and so is the automotive industry. Volvo was founded in Gothenburg and remains one of the largest employers in the city. The city was founded as a trading post and trade and commerce remain to be important, Gothenburg port is the largest in Scandinavia. All of these areas provide ample opportunity for good wages and help the local economy significantly.


Stockholm isn’t just the capital and largest city in Sweden, it is also the largest city in the Nordic countries. It is an important financial and tech center for Northern Europe and it is not at all surprising the people here are some of the wealthiest on the old continent. Most of the financial institutions of the country are based out here and there are many large companies, like Ericsson, Nordea, and H&M  that have their headquarters in Stockholm, providing tens of thousands of jobs. On top of that, many of the political and administrative institutions are found here, all of which bring in well-paying jobs. Stockholm is also a popular destination for tourists, millions of whom come every year.

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