Richest Cities in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world, and there are quite a few cities there that you have likely never even heard of. However, the fact that they aren’t world renowned, don’t mean that those Russian cities aren’t wealthy and worth a visit. To prove this point, down below we have a list of the richest cities in Russia:


There aren’t many people outside of Russia that have heard of Ufa, but it is a fascinating city. It’s located in central Russia, in an area rarely visited by tourists. However, it is an interesting place that combines the East and West, in a remarkable way. Many different ethnicities and religions mix in Ufa and manage to coexist peacefully. As a matter of fact, they have managed to do quite well for themselves, earning a decent wage. A lot of central Russia’s industry is located there, which ensures a lot of well-paying jobs for the citizens of Ufa.


Kazan is Russia’s sixth most populous city, and a major economic, cultural, and industrial powerhouse. Again, this isn’t the most popular city with tourists, but within the country, it’s very popular. If you want to experience the vibrant mixture of Oriental and Russian cultures, Kazan is a great choice. The city has a great location and historical important roots, which have made it very prosperous in the last few decades, though Kazan has been doing well for centuries. If you want to see a more Asian side of Russia, this city is worth experiencing.

St. Petersburg

From the relatively unknown, we enter one of the most popular cities in all of Russia. Saint Petersburg was founded as an imperial capital and that history and architecture still shine through. It’s easily one of the greatest cities in all of Europe, and it’s no surprise that a lot of money is still concentrated there to this day. In many ways, St. Petersburg is still the cultural capital of Russia and one of the more liberal places there. If you’re a fan of the grand cities of the West, like Paris, Madrid, and Vienna, St. Petersburg should certainly be on your travel itinerary.


As you probably expected, the wealthiest city of all of Russia is also its capital and most populous city. Moscow is home to billionaires, skyscrapers, politicians, and some of the fanciest restaurants and clubs in the world. Of course, not everyone is super rich there, but the best-paying jobs in the country are most often found in Moscow. There’s an upper middle class there that is sadly not found in many other parts of the country. If you want to live a high life, Moscow is the best city in Russia for that.

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