Richest cities in Romania

Romania has a checkered past, especially in the 20th century, but in the last decades it has been quickly growing and opening up to the world. Trade commerce and wealth have been flowing into the Romanian cities and many are realizing that the country has a lot to offer. Romania is not a small country, by European standards, and has multiple economic centers, industries, and regions that all have different macroeconomics.


Constanța is the fifth most populous city in Romania, but it is one of the wealthiest. The city is a major commercial, industrial, and tourist center, managing to combine almost everything Romania has to offer. Due to being on the Black Sea coast, Constanța is popular with the locals and is a well-developed beach resort. On top of that, Constanța has a huge port that brings in goods and sends out exports, creating jobs and wealth in the region. These factors combined make Constanța one of the most developed economic regions in Romania.


Timișoara is located in the west of Romania and is the most important economic, cultural and social center of that part of the country. Due to its proximity to Central and Western Europe, while still having cheap labor, Timișoara is a popular outsourcing destination. Many large companies have chosen to open up an office here, which pays good wages and rejuvenates the real estate sector. On top of that, there is an ever-growing IT sector, which is very well paid by Romanian standards and helps bring young people and talent to the city.


Bucharest is the largest city in Romania and one of the largest in the entire region. It’s the most prosperous and wealthy city in the country, by far, and around a quarter of the country’s GDP is produced here. The growth is mainly driven by the service industry and especially the IT sector. Like with Timișoara, many international firms choose to open an office here and hire Romanians at good salaries, while also bringing in important know-how to the nation.

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