Richest cities in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island, belonging to the USA, while not being a part of the union. While not an actual state of the USA, Puerto Rico benefits from its close economic ties with the largest economy in the world and is wealthier than the islands that surround it. While there is poverty and crime on the island, Puerto Rico has many great areas in it. If you are wondering what the richest cities in Puerto Rico are, here is the list:


In the northeast of the island, you will find the city of Carolina with a population of around 150 000 people. The economy is very reliant on tourism, and Carolina is one of the most visited places on the island. The Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, the main one in Puerto Rico, is located here which brings in a lot of employment and businesses to the area. There are lots of great beaches, large resorts, and casinos to attract tourists as well. Beyond tourism, there is also retail and the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and chemicals.

San Juan

San Juan is the capital and largest city in Puerto Rico, with a population of around 400 000 people. San Juan is not too far from Carolina, so benefits from the airport and is also very popular with tourists and cruises, which bring in a lot of wealthy American visitors to the city. On top of that, there is an industry, mainly manufacturing pharmaceuticals, medicines, rum, and others. Some of the largest and most important financial institutions for the Caribbean region can be found here, specifically in the Hato Rey district. San Juan is also the most important cultural and political center on the island.


Guaynabo is a smaller city, just off of San Juan, that can be considered its suburb. This is considered to be one of the best spots on the island and is the preferred area of residence for many of the wealthier Puerto Ricans. You will find European-style architecture in some parts of town, as well as a lot of greenery and large houses. If you want to see where the local elite lives, you need to check out Guaynabo.

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