Richest cities in Norway

Norway is widely considered one of the best countries in Europe and the world, in terms of wealth, stability, and natural beauty. Like all of the other Scandinavian counties, it is often used as an example of a well-run state and when looking at all of the wealth and natural resources of Norway, that should come as no surprise. Oil, fishing, and telecommunications are well developed and prosperous. For a look at the richest cities in Norway, keep reading:


Stavanger is the third largest city in Norway and it is located in the southwest, on the North Sea. The proximity to the sea is very beneficial, as there is a lot of oil in the North Sea. Equinor, the largest Norwegian oil company has its headquarters in Stavanger, which in combination with the oil rigs provides a lot of well-paid employment to the locals. There is also a lot of other industry and blue-collar work in Stavanger, besides petroleum-related companies, like canning, publishing, and food and beverages.


Bergen is Norway’s second-largest city, and one of the most beautiful places in Europe, with seven mountains and a blue ocean around it. The beautiful nature, the great city, and the proximity to the Norwegian fjords make Bergen one of the most popular destinations in the country. There are many hotels and restaurants in the city that cater to tourists, as well as a very busy cruise ship port. Besides that, the city is home to many marine research companies, agencies, organizations, and a significant shipbuilding industry.


Oslo is the capital and largest city in Norway and probably the best-known city for most foreigners. It is located in the southeast, not too far from the border with Sweden. Once again, the maritime industry is very prominent here, with a lot of shipbuilding, research, and merchant companies and organizations being based out of Oslo. The port of Oslo sees millions of tons of cargo and millions of people go through it every year. The oil, the maritime industry, and some finance have made Norway and its capital very wealthy, which in turn has made the prices skyrocket.

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