Richest cities in Mexico

Mexico often gets a bad wrap in Hollywood movies and popular media, but the country is much better off than most people give it credit for. The weather is warm, the food is amazing, there are plenty of beaches and the economy is growing. While Mexico is often seen in the shadow of the United States, there are big businesses and wealthy people in Mexico, especially in the bigger cities. Here is our list of the wealthiest cities in Mexico:


Guadalajara is located in the west of Mexico and with a population of 1.4 million people it is the third-largest city in the country. The economy here is no joke, being very diversified and relying on manufacturing and industry, as well as tourism and tech in more recent years. Like in many parts of Mexico, Guadalajara’s economic well-being is tied to that of the United States, as much of the goods manufactured here are then exported there. The good news is that the US is not a bad country to be tied to, and the city has been developing positively. The nice architecture in the city center and the relative calmness of Guadalajara also bring in a lot of tourists and money to the city.


Monterrey is located in North-Eastern Mexico, close to the border with the US. Once again, the United States is a very important factor for the local economy. There is a lot of industry in this region, with most of the products going to the US or internationally. The industry provides well-paying jobs to the local citizens, with the salaries increasing by the year. On top of that, Monterrey is one of the most and best-developed cities in Mexico, with some suburbs providing great quality of life, comparable to wealthier countries. To put the economics in numerical terms – the purchasing power parity-adjusted GDP per capita is around US$35,500, which is almost double that of the rest of the country’s US$18,800. Because of this success, the city is also growing at a healthy pace.

Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the largest and most important cities in the Western hemisphere and certainly in Latin America. With 20 million people in the greater Mexico City area, there are a lot of opportunities for business and wealth creation here. Some of the biggest financial and tech companies have offices here, which provides professionals with good salaries, but there is also a lot of industry and exporting, which brings blue-collar jobs as well. If the city itself was an independent country, it would surpass many European count

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