Richest cities in India

India is not often considered to be a rich and affluent place, but the vast size of the country has helped it develop and enrichen itself in the past decades. While the country has a lot of room to grow, the economy of India is formidable on the world stage. However, there is still a lot of disparity throughout the country, with some places being richer than others. To shed some light on the subject, we compiled this list of the richest cities in India:


Hyderabad is located in the center of the Indian sub-continent and is the largest city in the state of Telangana. One of the main driving forces behind the economy of Hyderabad is the IT sector, which is booming in many of the larger cities in India, but especially so in Hyderabad. The cheap cost and vast amounts of English-speaking workers that are seeking work make the city ideal for IT companies to develop and provide services, many times to the West. Beyond that, Hyderabad has a lot of history, art, and culture that are interesting to visit as well.


Kolkata is located on the Eastern border of India, close to Bangladesh, in the state of West Bengal. Kolkata has been a prominent port town for centuries and there is a lot of old money, culture, and architecture to be explored in that city, many consider it the cultural capital of India. The city has experienced ebbs and flows through the decades, but seems to be firmly on the up and up in recent times. The good geographic location, combined with the general boom in the economy of India means that the future of Kolkata is likely to be bright.


New Delhi is India’s capital and political center. The city is one of the mani cultural and economic hotspots of the entire country and is popular with investors and tourists alike. There is a lot to do and see in Delhi and the business is booming. A lot of the wealth in the city stems from government positions, retail, real estate, and like everywhere else in India, ICT services. The skilled labor and high domestic demand make Delhi a great spot for investors in all kinds of sectors.


Mumbai has the highest number of millionaires and billionaires in India, which is telling of the city’s wealth. The city has been inhabited since ancient times, but really saw a boom during the colonial period of India, which has helped it climb to the top of India’s wealth ladder. Every industry is heavily represented here, especially finance and entertainment. If you want a life as close to the Western, while still being in India, Mumbai is the place to consider.

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