Richest Cities in Germany

Germany is one of the eminent European states, with a rich history and culture. This large and beautiful country is also the home of many of the old continent’s most livable cities, which is no surprise, considering how often the country tops the charts in terms of development and economics. However, Germany has many cities, and some are richer than others, keep on reading for the three richest cities in Germany:


Munich is Bavaria’s capital and most populous city. It’s also Germany’s third most populous city, followed by the other two entries on this list. The city is notoriously expensive, largely due to the capital that flows in it, from the various industries that have developed here during the years. Some of the largest German and European companies have a headquarters here, notably  BMWSiemensMANLindeAllianz, as well as many other IT and smaller firms. This availability of good jobs has led to a great economic climate, and a steep increase in real estate prices, which is also observed in other German cities.


Germany’s second-largest city is located in the north of the country, it is also one of the country’s federal states, itself. Hamburg is the third-largest port in Europe, which is one of its main sources of income and wealth. However, the old industrial past has now been rebranded and modernized, making the city one of the coolest and hippest spots in Germany. Besides the port and tourism, Hamburg is also a big import banking center, which brings in a lot of money as well.


Unsurprisingly, the largest city in Germany is also the wealthiest. Berlin is one of the most famous cities in the world, crawling with tourists, ex-pats, and locals alike. In the last decade, it has become one of Europe’s major IT centers, which lead to a huge cash injection into the economy. On top of that, Berlin is also the most important political center in Europe, as well as a major financial one. If you want to be a multinational corporation, some presence in Berlin is necessary, which has led to many well-paid professionals living in the city. With this prosperity, however, the rent and house prices have gone through the roof.

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