Richest Cities in France

France is one of the oldest and largest countries in Europe, and no trip to the old continent is complete without visiting. The country is huge and manages to combine the best of Southern and Northern Europe, in one package. There are magnificent, imperial cities and many quaint and charming villages to visit. However, if you want to know where the wealth is concentrated, we have a list of the richest cities in France:


On the banks of the River Garonne, you will find this beautiful and large city in France. Toulouse has a rich and confusing history, having changed hands multiple times, which has led to a very unique architecture. The city center is mainly built with bricks, which gives it an enchanting reddish, pink look, more Spain or Italy than the northern French cities on this list. Besides its history, Toulouse is known as the science hub of France and is the home to a few universities and other academic institutions. If you want a fun, large city with a student vibe to it, that feels more Southern than Northern, do consider checking Toulouse out.


Bordeaux is the quintessential French city, close to the shore of the Atlantic ocean. The city is best known worldwide for its wine and cuisine, and if you are a lover of the good, bohemian life, this is the city for you. The architecture of Bordeaux makes it clear that it’s a rich and affluent area, with some very exquisite facades and monuments sprinkled throughout the city. A lot of the money in Bordeaux originates from wine and agriculture, but there are some other more sophisticated businesses that go around in the city. If you want to live in a beautiful and not too large city, Bordeaux is very great and very classy.


Lyon is located in the center of France and it’s one of the largest cities in the country. There is a lot to say and do there, and it has been becoming more and more popular with ex-pats, travelers, and students. If you want the French city life, but find Paris too large and hectic this is a great place. Lyon has its own unique cuisine, which is famous throughout France and the world, so definitely a city for foodies. Besides that, Lyon is the second-richest city in the country, with many large multinational companies choosing it for their headquarters.


It should come as no surprise that Paris is the richest city in France. For centuries, it has been the cultural and financial hub of the country and for a long time in Europe and the world. While there have been new challenges that popped up through the years, Paris still remains a very wealthy and very expensive place to live. If you care about fashion, politics, or business, this is undoubtedly the best place in France to pursue those interests.

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