Richest cities in Denmark

Denmark is often used as an example of a great country that is well ordered, wealthy, and beautiful. Everyone that has been there knows that this is mostly true. The cities are clean, the trains run on time and the roads are taken care of. That being said, the country is also very expensive, one of the most expensive in Europe, and tourists are often shocked to see what a beer costs. If you have ever wondered where this wealth is concentrated and what the richest cities in Denmark are, keep on reading:


Odense is Denmark’s third largest city, with around 180 thousand people living here. The city is centrally located, which makes it convenient for many businesses, and ABB and the  Albani Brewery have large headquarters here, which provide a lot of well-paying jobs. The Lindø Industrial Park is another important feather in the economy with large-scale manufacturing being conducted here. Besides this, the city has a thriving retail and service economy, as well as a decent tourism industry.


Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark with close to 300 thousand people living here. It is located in the largely rural area of Jutland and is the most important economic center there. There is a large port here, one of the largest in northern Europe, with millions of tonnes of cargo going through every year. There is a great energetics sector here, with many large companies offering great salaries to their employees. Besides that, large companies like  Arla Foods, Salling Group, and Jysk are all major employers in Aarhus. Due to the ample opportunities in town, many of the people in the nearby towns and villages commute to Arhus for employment.


Copenhagen is the largest and capital city in Denmark and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. As an old imperial capital, there is a very grand feeling to many of the buildings in the city center and Copenhagen definitely punches above its weight when it comes to restaurants, bars, and cafes. As a capital city, Copenhagen is a massive financial and economic center, that is well connected not only with Denmark but also with Sweden and the other Nordic countries. The largest financial institutions in the country all have their HQs here namely: Danske BankAlm. BrandNordea Bank, Nykredit, and the Copenhagen Stock Exchange 

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