Richest cities in Colorado

Colorado is known as a mountainous, snowy, and remote State, but the truth is that this is one of the most beautiful and well-off areas in the USA. The Rocky Mountains are picturesque to look at and seem vast, but the truth is that Colorado is urban, wealthy, and developed like any other state in America, and the cities here are very well-to-do, with many rich people choosing to live here. This, combined with natural gas and oil means that the richest cities in Colorado are nothing to scoff at:

Colorado Springs

With almost half a million people living in Colorado Springs, it is the second largest city in the State and a very quickly growing one. The military and defense industry is very strong in the city and brings in a lot of employment and wealth. There are nearly 45,000 active-duty troops in Colorado Springs and it is the headquarters of the Space force of the USA. Due to the military presence, there are also many private defense companies like Northrop GrummanBoeingGeneral Dynamics, and Lockheed Martin in the area, all of which provide very well-paid jobs. Beyond this, there are some IT companies, startups, and plenty of offices of large corporations.


Boulder is a smaller city compared to the other entries here, with around 100 000 people living here. This is a University town, with the University of Colorado Boulder being located here. It is a big University, that provides employment for 10 thousand people directly, and many people indirectly. Ball, IBM, and Google all have large offices in town which offer many high-earning jobs to the residents of Boulder. Overall, the city has many wealthy citizens, which also brings in money for the service industry and retail.


Denver is the capital and largest city in Colorado, with more than 700 000 people, and quickly growing. There are around 3 million people in the metropolitan area, making it by far the largest in the State and the area. The location of the city is very strategic, making it an important logistics hub. The economy is reliant on manufacturing, especially airplanes, helicopters, and aviation technology. There is also oil in the area and mines in the mountains, which provides for some natural resources to be extracted. Like any large American city, the IT industry is very prominent and provides more and more employment.

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