Richest Cities in China

In the last few decades, China has been growing steadily and quickly, accumulating wealth and transforming itself into a world power. Perhaps the biggest sign of this economic success is the Chinese mega-cities that have risen. Filled with skyscrapers and impressive infrastructure, these cities are a sight to behold, especially the richest ones.


On the eastern bank of the Pearl River, you will find the city of Shenzhen. Just like the other entries on this list, it is located on the eastern coast of China, where most of the country’s wealth and population are concentrated. Shenzhen borders Hong Kong to the south, which certainly helps the city’s economy. Shenzhen was China’s first special economic zone, where the restrictions on the economy imposed by the communists were loosened. This led to huge amounts of foreign direct investment and the development of many industries, most notably IT. Nowadays, the city is a major global financial and IT hub.


Beijing is China’s capital and one of the most populous cities in the world, boasting a population of 21 million inhabitants. It is located in Northern China, close to the east coast. China’s capital is a massively powerful city on the global stage, both economically and politically. Beijing is also the billionaire capital of the world, with the highest number of billionaires residing here. Many of China’s state-owned corporations have headquarters here, which combined with the massive bureaucracy and surrounding industry leads to a lot of wealth flowing into the city.


South of the Yangtze River you will find Shanghai, the most populous city in China and the largest city proper in the world. Shanghai is the postcard for the Chinese economic miracle, due to its prominent and recognizable skyline. The city is a major financial, trading, and research center, worldwide. Shanghai is also the most popular Chinese city with ex-pats and people looking for a more Western lifestyle. The world’s largest stock exchange is also housed here.

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