Richest Cities in Austria

Austria used to be an Empire, and its cities still bear the rich and exquisite architecture that an Empire creates. Because of the beauty of the cities and the natural amenities Austria has to offer, it’s one of the most visited countries in Europe. You also probably know, it’s also one of the richest and most developed. If you have ever wondered what the richest cities in Austria are, here we have the list for you:


It’s no surprise that Salzburg is one of the wealthiest cities in all of Austria. After all, Mozart’s birthplace is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved cities in the country and the Alps. The architecture here is truly amazing, rivaled only by Vienna. A lot of tourists choose to visit this Austrian gem, but it isn’t just the beautiful buildings that bring them here. Salzburg also has a thriving culture and a large student population, which means you also have a good nightlife. A lot of affluent Austrians have vacation houses here, or choose to move away from the big city, and settle down here. The most expensive real estate in Austria is here.


In western Austria, you will find the capital of Tyrol – Innsbruck. You might recognize Tyrol as the German part of Italy, and that’s totally correct, but it is also a wealthy region of Austria, with Innsbruck being the richest city. Most tourists that visit Innsbruck come here for winter sports, and there is indeed an abundance of options when it comes to skiing in and around town. However, there is also some industry and a few big companies that provide the citizens of Innsbruck with high salaries and a lot of disposable income. This winter fairytale town is very wealthy and everything here is expensive. It is worth it though.


Linz is often absent from the travel itineraries of travelers, but despite its relative international obscurity, it remains one of the most important and influential cities in Austria. Some of the biggest industrial and steel-making companies of Austria are located there and a lot of money is generated. The access to the river Danube and the large port also helps to put Linz firmly on the economic map of Austria. It may not have the notoriety of Salzburg, but there are a lot of wealthy people living here and if you want to experience a different, more local Austria, you should come and visit.


It should come as no surprise that the wealthiest people in Austria tend to live in Vienna. After all, Vienna is a beautiful, large and exciting city that has a lot of work opportunities and is well connected to the rest of Europe. on top of that, it also has a very lucrative tourist industry and an international scene. A lot of ex-pats, diplomats, and corporate workers reside in Vienna, which drives up the average income here. And for those people, there are many fancy and expensive bars, clubs and restaurants. If you want to witness the Austrian imperial wealth, you should come here.

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