Richest cities in Arizona

Arizona is located in the southwest of the United States, on the border with Mexico. It is best known for its rugged desert landscapes, interesting rock formations, cactuses, and many different Native American tribes scattered around the State. Of course, like in any large US State, there is a lot of commerce and money going around, especially in the urban areas. If you want to find out what the richest cities in Arizona are, you’re at the right place:


Mesa is located to the east of Phoenix and is effectively a suburb that is cut off by the Salt river. It is a big University town, with multiple colleges being located there and more than 40 000 students living in the area. The city is largely residential, with downtown and a decent amount of entertainment to do. Many of the residents of Mesa commute to Phoenix, which is just a short drive away, for work. Some of the largest employers include Boeing, Banner Health System, and the municipality. While it might not be the most interesting place in the world, Mesa is a great place to live for families and even students.


Tucson is located in the south of Arizona, not too far from the Mexican border and a lot of Spanish colonial influence is still evident in the architecture. Once again, Universities play a large role in the city’s economy, with the University of Arizona being located here. Besides the tens of thousands of students, the University also provides employment to more than 11 000 people. Besides that, there is a large military industry, largely due to the Air Force base near the city. The base provides a lot of opportunities for employment, and it also brings in plenty of large military-industrial corporations, like Raytheon, to Tucson.


Phoenix is the capital and largest city in Arizona, it is the fifth largest city in the USA. It is the political and administrative center of the State, which means that many well-paying jobs can be found here. On top of that, some of the largest companies in the US have headquarters here, such as U-HAUL, Best Western, and Avnet. There are plenty of office and administrative jobs provided by those companies along with a few other Fortune 500 ones. There is another big Air Force base here, which bring in a lot of federal money and lots of lucrative contracts. Phoenix also has a very well-developed and expensive real-estate market.

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