Richest Areas of Antwerp

Antwerp is one of the most important and big cities in Belgium. As a matter of fact, it’s bigger than Brussels, when it comes to the city proper. It’s an old port that used to be quintessential for the region and still remains an important economic and cultural hotspot. If you have ever visited Antwerp, you likely fell in love with it, and you might wonder where the rich people in Antwerp live. We did our research and have the list for you here:

Het Zuid

Zuid, which means south in Dutch, is appropriately located in the south of the city center of Antwerp. It’s a very trendy district filled with Art Nouveau houses, museums, bars, and restaurants. If you want to be within walking distance of the city center, but still away from the touristy parts, this is a great area to live in or explore. It is expensive, but it’s still relatively up and coming and developing, so the prices are somewhat reasonable. But even if you aren’t buying, the charm of Het Zuid is worth the visit.


Zurenborg is an old and aristocratic district of Antwerp, characterized by many beautiful houses and many bars and restaurants. Well-to-do people have lived there for a long time and the neighborhood remains one of the more classy and well-to-do ones in the city, with many entrepreneurs and artists choosing to live here. It’s in the west of the city, some way away from the city center, but still well connected through the Antwerpen-Oost station. If you want a townhouse, this is the district to move to, but even if you aren’t it’s a great area to explore and have a beer at.


The Antwerp city center, like in most European cities, is the richest and most expensive area of the city. Here you will find many of the city’s landmarks, like the Rubenshuis, the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal, and the Stadspark. The Antwerp zoo is also located nearby. This is the main economic and commercial center of the entire city and every visitor to Antwerp should come and visit it, to experience the best that Antwerp has to offer. The city center is made up of a few different smaller districts and the Antwerpen-Centraal is located there, so you will likely be there upon arrival.

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