Richest areas in Reykjavik

Iceland is going through a tourism boom in the last few years and many more people are visiting the country, especially the capital city of Reykjavik, every year. Everyone that’s been there knows how expensive it is and it should come as no surprise that some parts of town are very rich, but it is hard for foreigners to know which exactly. We have a list of the most affluent areas in Reykjavik, in case you were ever curious about that:


Laugardalur is a large district, located just east of the city center. It’s well known amongst the locals for its hot springs and sports facilities and the Zoo is also located there. Beyond the amenities, this is a very popular area for families. It is residential and suburban in spirit, but due to the many facilities located here, it is not boring and isolated from the city. Laugardalur is also not too far away from the city center, certainly within walking distance, or a short car ride. Overall, this is one of the best areas in Reykjavik for families.


Vesturbær is located in the west of Reykjavik, this district is home to the University of Iceland, the Saga Museum, Maritime Museum, and a large part of the Harbour. The area manages to combine the old and the traditional with some of the oldest buildings in Reykjavik being here, but also a lot of new architecture is present. This is a cool, modern, and hip area with many restaurants and things to do, but it is not overly touristy and still has the things you would expect from a residential district, such as school pools, and sports facilities.


Midborg is the downtown, city center, of Reykjavik and the area you will likely spend most of your time. Some of the most famous landmarks of the city are here, such as the Hallgrimskirkja, Sun Voyager, and the main shopping street. Many of the best restaurants and bars that Iceland has to offer are located here and most of the tourists choose to stay in Midborg. It’s a nice place to just walk around and explore, though it can be hectic and full of people. Like with most cities, the city center is the most expensive area in terms of real estate, food, and drinks.

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