Richest Areas in Munich

Munich is one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in Germany. It’s the capital of Bavaria and there is a lot of money flowing into the city. That has lead to some very expensive real estate prices, but it also means that the nice parts of town, are even nicer than what you might expect. If you are looking at buying, or are just curious where the wealthy live, this is the list for you.


Au-Haidhausen is located to the west of the inner city of Munich, along the bank of the Isar river. Here you’ll find the Wiener Platz, the Maximiliansanlagen, and the Villa Stuck, as long as a couple more cool landmarks. It is a little touristy, but there are also many locals that live here. It’s close to the city center, it’s well connected to the rest of the city and the prices are slightly less crazy than the rest of Munich. If you want to live close to the action, but don’t want to be in a super busy and hectic area, Au-Haidhausen is worth considering.


Schwabing-West is located in the North-Western part of Munich, between the Olympiapark and Englischer Garten. This is an affluent, residential neighborhood. There isn’t necessarily that much to see here, in terms of sightseeing, but it is a great neighborhood to experience the affluent residential parts of Munich. Also, the Englischer Garten is nearby, and that’s a really great park to take a walk around. Schwabing-West also has some really nice restaurants, bars, and cafes that are worth checking out, while exploring.


Altstadt-Lehel is the inner city center of Munich. As you might expect, everything here costs a bit more, but the buildings are really nice and there are some cool and trendy bars and restaurants. If you are a tourist, you have to visit Altstadt-Lehel, as most of the points of interest of the city are located here. The people that live here are usually affluent, but the truth is that this district is super busy and touristy, so it’s best to not live here for a long time if you want a calm and peaceful lifestyle. If you want to party though, this is the place for you.


Just north of the Altstadt-Lehel and the Munich Central, you will find Maxvorstadt. It’s one of the most expensive districts in all of Munich, and that says a lot. It’s a great combination of a rich residential area, with a hipster district, with some touristy things mixed up. While it is very pricey, Maxvorstadt is also a really cool place to live in. If you can’t afford it or don’t plan on living in Munich at least do yourself a favor and spend some time here.

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