Richest Areas in Krakow

Krakow, Poland’s second-largest city is a unique example of what happens when a lot of empires and cultures meet. The city is one of the most beautiful in Europe and has a very well preserved city center, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. However, this city isn’t small and you may have wondered what the richest districts of Krakow are. We did the research and have the most expensive neighborhoods of Krakow below:


Podógrze is a very large district, on the southern bank of the Vistula River. It’s hard to characterize this area, due to its size, but the nicer parts are close to the river. It’s newer than the old town and has a more industrial and communist vibe, but that has its charms too. The truth is that if you want a livable and well-developed area to live in, Podógrze is one of the best spots in Krakow for that. There are a few things that are of interest to tourists here, such as Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory and Plac Bohaterów Getta, but it’s mainly a residential area meant for the locals.


Just north of Podógrze, you will find the cute little district of Kazimierz, which is one of the hippest and most bohemian ones in Krakow. Here you can see Father Bernatek’s Bridge, Krakow’s Jewish Square, and most importantly Kebab pod 13 which is the city’s best kebab spot. It’s a cool area, filled with great bars and restaurants and things to do. Whether you plan on living here, or just want to visit Krakow for a few days, Kazimierz is a must-see and easily one of the coolest districts in town. It can get pricey, but the truth is that everything is still under Western European standards.

Stare Miasto

Stare Miasto literally means ‘old place’ and as you can imagine is the older, city center of Krakow. It’s an enchanting and medieval area that is filled with beautiful architecture and a lot of tourists. If you are just in town for a little while, this is the place you want to stay close to. A lot of the city’s nightlife and landmarks are here. Just like in most other European cities, this is the most expensive part of town a little too hectic to actually live in.

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