Richest areas in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest city and one of the most important cities on the entire African continent. It is a place that many people call home, of very diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and economic means. There is extreme poverty, but there is also a lot of wealth, which is what we are focusing on. If you have ever wondered what the richest areas of Johannesburg are, here is our list:


Northcliff is located to the north of the city on a hill, somewhat reminiscent of Beverly Hills in Los Angelis. The area is mostly Africaans and is filled with big and beautiful houses many of which have a great view and a pool. If you want to live in a suburb that is affluent and has good schools and restaurants, this is a place to consider. While Northcliff might not be your first bet if you are young and single, it is a great family option for Johannesburg.


Sandton is a large area in the north of Johannesburg, well situated, close to the airport, and on the road to Pretoria. Here you will find one of the most prominent business districts in South Africa and all of the office buildings and hotels that go around with that. On top of that, here you will find many fancy restaurants, luxury shops, and shopping malls, making a top location for buying expensive stuff and living in a fashion as close to that of Manhattan as South Africa allows. Sandton also has a nice mixture of houses and apartments but is known for the horrible traffic.


Rosebank is also located to the north of Johannesburg’s city center and is another affluent and coveted area to live in. It is one of the safest areas in the city, which is important in a place like South Africa but is also walkable and urban. Here you will find many popular restaurants and bars, as well as a good deal of hipster cafes. The area is trendy and artsy and brings out the best of the city. It’s cool, young, and hip, what more do you need to hear?

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