Richest Areas in Chicago

Chicago is one of the richest, biggest, and best cities in America. It’s a unique mix of the Mid-West, money, and an urban vibe. The winters can be unforgiving, but many people choose to live there, and many more visit the city every year. You may have noticed that there is a lot of wealth in Chicago, and maybe you have fantasized about buying a place there. Lucky for you, we have the research and compiled a list of the richest suburbs in Chicago.

West Town – Median Price: $475,000

As the name suggests, this suburb is located in the West of Chicago. It’s a large area with a large Eastern European community. It’s a suburban area, with some apartment buildings that are three to four stories high. It’s also connected to the rest of Chicago with the metro, and it also isn’t too hard to get away from the city on the I-90. To the west, you also have Humboldt Park, which is a nice place to walk around. The area is wealthy and expensive, but still on the lower end of real estate prices in Chicago. If you don’t need to be downtown, but want to get there pretty quickly, this is the place for you.

Bucktown – Median Price: $600,000

Just north of West Town, you will find Bucktown. It’s another great area to live in. It’s well connected to the rest of the city, but you can also get away from the city easily. On top of that, the neighborhood is safe and orderly, with a lot of businesses, cafes, and restaurants around. If you want to live in a brownstone or a semi-detached house, this is the area of Chicago for you. Bucktown is peaceful and often has a smaller-town vibe. The prices are high and can get even higher than what we have listed here, but if you want to experience the best of Chicago, then this is a great area to pick.

Chicago Loop – Median Price: $1.7 million

As you likely expected, the downtown area is the most pricey place in all of Chicago. Skyscrapers, big banks, brand stores, and everything in between can be found here. The truth is that there aren’t many people that can afford a place here, but if you can, you certainly should. There are a lot of lofts with amazing views, that give you the New York vibe, without having to live in New York. The downtown area of Chicago has a great vibe and feel to it, and many of the cool restaurants and bars that the city has are located here.

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