Richest areas in Bermuda

Bermuda consists of 181 islands, though most of the inhabitants congregate on the Mian Island. This Caribbean paradise is known throughout the world for its tropical climate, great beaches, amazing cocktails, and forgiving tax laws. A lot of wealth has accumulated in Bermuda during the years and some of the island’s towns have become very wealthy:


The Warwick Parish is located in the south of the Mian Island. It’s a wealthy and popular area, home to a few great beaches, such as Jobson’s Cove, Warwick Long Bay, and Marley Beach. Here you will also find the Belmont Hills Golf Club and Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club. The area is beautiful, affluent, and not too touristy. Many of the locals choose to reside here.


Sandys Parish is located southwest of the main island. Again, you will find multiple beaches here as well as parks, resorts, and diving schools. The area also has a few good restaurants that are worth checking out. Sandys is also relatively far from the main tourist attractions on the island and too crowded.


Hamilton is the capital and center of Bermudan finance, culture, and entertainment. Many tourists choose to spend time here, as it is the most built-up and populated area on the Main island, providing the amenities one would expect from a city. There is also a good deal of business occurring here, as many law and finance firms have an office in Hamilton. This helps bring in a lot of wealth to the capital.

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