Richest areas in Barbados

Barbados is one of the best-known islands in the Caribbean, a dream holiday for many, and a developed country in its own right. It relies heavily on tourism, but there is a good financial industry and production that help the country maintain one of the highest standards in the region. The great weather and proximity to the US also mean that there are many luxurious resorts and vacation houses around the island. Keep on reading to find out what the richest areas in Barbados are.

East Coast

Barbados is a small island, but there is a surprising level of geographic diversity. The East coast faces the Atlantic Ocean, making it much wilder and ruffer than the other sides of the island, which are on the warm and calm Caribbean. Much of the nature here is protected for environmental reasons and there is less development, making it feel like a remote and wild place while being a short drive away from the capital city. If you want to avoid the crowds or get some surfing in, this is a great spot. However, the sparsely developed land makes it less wealthy than other areas on the island.

South Coast

The South is where you will find Bridgetown, the capital, as well as many other smaller towns and suburbs. This is where the majority of the locals live and most tourists also stay around here. Much of the island’s financial, political, and industrial life takes place here, so this is a wealthy area of economic importance. That being said, some of the neighborhoods are not in great condition and feel more like the third world, than an island paradise. There are better places for the very rich in Barbados.

West Coast

The West Coast is where you will find most of the high-end properties, resorts, and luxury apartments. The houses are bigger, the views are stunning and the beaches are calm, with soft white sand being warmed up by the sun. Many wealthy Americans buy or rent villas here, which is why you will find most of the good restaurants on the island in this area. There are also fancy bars, golf resorts, and tennis courts. This is undoubtedly the richest area in Barbados and one of the fancier in the Caribbean.

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