Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Valencia

There is a sizable minority of people that think that Valencia is actually the best city to live in, in Spain. Whether you agree or not is a matter of personal opinion, but there is no denying that it’s a large, lively city with great parks and a beachfront. There isn’t much more you can ask for. It’s also the home of the paella. A lot of people seem to be going to Valencia these days and wonder what it would cost to move there. That’s why we compiled a list of the most expensive districts for you, keep in mind that the average price is 1.795 €/m2:

Extramurs – 2.062 €/m2

Extramurs sits to the west of the inner-city center, being separated from it by the Gran Via de Ferran el Catòlic. It’s not some provincial part of town, however. The architecture is beautiful and well kept, and all of the amenities that you might want from a big, modern, Spanish city can be found here. The only reason why the prices are a bit cheaper here is the fact that the beach is not within walking distance. You can, however, take a bus or the metro, or one of the many Valenbicis and get there in no time.

Campanar – 2.082 €/m2

You won’t find many students here, which is a positive according to many of the locals. What you will find is the Turia park, which snakes across the entire town, and a huge shopping center. The prices here are higher than the average, but considering how close you are to the center and the park, it’s a pretty good deal. The neighborhood itself is quiet and well kept, with many working Valenicanos living there. If you are looking for a quiet, but central place to live, this is a great district.

El Pla del Real – 2.487 €/m2

In this part of town, you will find the stadium, as well as the University of Valencia. And of course, with the University, you will get many students and everything that they bring. Fast food, cheap bars, and loads of parties throughout the year (except for summer). It’s not just students here, but they do seem to congregate here, which drives up the demand for real estate. It also makes it a great place to invest, as there will always be some Erasmus student that wants to rent your property.

Ciutat Vella – 2.859 €/m2

This is the inner-city center. It’s surprising that it’s not the first on our list, like in most other European cities, but don’t think that the Valencia center doesn’t have anything to offer. It’s a high-end place and for a good reason. Shopping, bars, restaurants, clubs and most of the tourist attractions the city has to offer can be found here. It is busy and crowded, but the architecture is stunning and all of your neighbors will be rich and elegant. If you want the first-class taste of Valencia, consider living here.

L’Eixample – 2.876 €/m2

Overtaking the city center, albeit, by 17 euros, L’Eixample is a truly great place to live and without a doubt the best part of town. Russafa is the coolest area and the defacto hipster area of town. If you are young, affluent, and outgoing, this is the place for you. The bars are cozy and unique and the food is tasty and comes in small portions. In many ways, this district is a continuation of Ciutat Vella, but less commercial and more authentic. It really has its own vibe and everyone that lives here can consider themselves lucky!

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