Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria has been seeing a sort of a Renaissance in the last few years. Tourists from all around Europe have been flooding the country and the city center is already filled with more foreigners than locals. This is incredible growth, considering communism only ended in 1989. However, the prices are still some of the lowest in Europe, making it a great and relatively cheap investment. Down below we have a list of the most expensive neighborhoods of Sofia:

Jvorov – 1 285 EUR per m2

This is one of the smallest and cutest neighborhoods in all of Sofia. Jvorov is pretty close to the center, the University, and the Borisova Gradina, the biggest park in Sofia. On top of that, it’s also very well connected to the rest of the city either by car or public transport. A lot of families choose to live here, as it’s a quiet and orderly neighborhood, which also makes the price quite steep. Luckily, it’s still not the most expensive in town, but it might get there soon.

Lozenetz – 1 391 EUR per m2

This has traditionally been considered an ‘elite’ neighborhood and the price tag of the homes there shows. Lozenetz is quite big, often divided into lower and upper Lozentz. You can find anything there, from new apartment blocks to houses and older communist blogs. A lot of people swear by it, as it’s a residential neighborhood, but also has some nice restaurants and bars to spend the evenings at. Also, South Park is there, which is a huge green park, amazing to spend summers at.

Iztok – 1 422 EUR per m2

Iztok means east in Bulgarian, so you can probably guess where the district is situated. This is an old affluent area, with a lot of embassies and offices of big businesses. What makes Iztok a great place to live in, is the infrastructure, namely the metro and big boulevards that can take you anywhere in town quickly and conveniently. Like with our previous two mentions, this is a residential area with main families and older people living here.

Center – 1 442 EUR per m2

This is where the party starts. The Center of Sofia is a wild place, filled with bars, clubs, and restaurants to spend your money. The prices of the apartments here are steep and in some areas of the Center, like the Doctors Garden, you might be paying even more than 1 600- 1 700 per square meter, for an unfurnished apartment. The only reason why the average here isn’t higher is the northern part of the Center, around Lion’s bridge, which is cheaper and a bit more run down. If you want to live a more active lifestyle, you should consider moving here.

Ivan Vazov – 1 482 EUR per m2

Ivan Vazov is a tiny neighborhood and getting an apartment here can be a challenge. Not just because of the high price, but also the lack of available housing. Usually, when people buy here they do it for the long term, or to rent out. However, if you manage to find something here, consider getting it quick. The location is great, between the Center and the South Park, with a lot of families and great links to metro, buses, and trams.

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