Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Milan

Milan is an absolutely beautiful city, one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Europe and a lot of people want to own real estate there. Wheater you want to invest, or you are just curious, we have done some digging in the Milan neighborhoods and have a list of the most expensive districts in the city. Keep in mind that Milan is the most expensive city in Italy and the average price per square meter is a staggering 6 750 Euros, more than twice than Rome.

Ticinese€7 748 m2

Last on our list is Ticiense it is, of course, last of the most expensive, which is why the average price is nothing to scoff at. It’s located just south of the city center, but north of the party zone – Navigli. Overall, it’s a great place to live, very well connected to the rest of the city and with great public transport. If you can afford it, definitely consider getting a place here.

Sempione – €7 918 m2

Just northwest of the inner city, you have this beautiful green neighborhood. The Arco de la Pace, Parco Sempione and Castello Sforzesco are located in this part of town. It is popular with tourists on top of locals, which likely drives the price of real estate even more. Again, it is a very central and well-connected part of town and certainly a desirable one to live in.

Guastalla – €8 375 m2

Just west of Ticiense, you find the even more expensive neighborhood of Guastalla. With museums and hospitals, it’s a great part of town to invest in and certainly a family-friendly area of Milan. The architecture isn’t as spectacular as in other parts of the city, but the newer buildings are generally of better quality and need much less repair.

San Marco – €8 901 m2

This is one of the districts in Milan that look exactly as someone that has never been in the city imagines it. San Marco has beautiful cobbled streets, old Reinessaice architecture, and a plethora of bars, restaurants, clubs, and high-fashion boutiques. It is quite pricy to get real estate there and it’s not viable for everyone, but it is worth it. You are just north of the main, touristy center where the connections are just as good, but the streets are less crowded by Chinese group tours.

Centro – €9 434 m2

As with most European cities, the inner city of Milan is also the most expensive neighborhood. This comes about due to rich people, Airbnb, offices, and businesses all fighting to live there. The truth is that it’s probably not the best part of town to settle in, but people are still fighting forever square meters. It is loud, highly regulated, and crowded, but if you want to see the Duomo from your window, this is the place to invest in.