Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Lisbon

Portugal’s capital is one of the most visited and popular cities in Europe. Erasmus students, solo travelers, and your general crowds of Dutch and German tourists can all be found there in abundance, especially during the summer. As you might imagine, the flow of people drives the prices in Lisbon up, so buying property there isn’t for everyone. Down bellow we complied a list of the most expensive districts of Lisbon, so you can get a better idea of what your dream apartment might cost:

Campo de Ourique –  €4,212 per m²

Campo de Ourique is in the wide center of Lisbon, just west of the main tourist attractions. It’s a nice residential neighborhood that doesn’t stand out with great infrastructure. That isn’t a bad thing, however, as the prices aren’t too high and the tourists generally don’t come to Campo de Ourique in hoards. If you want to experience the local side of Lisbon, but still want to be within walking distance of the main points of interest, this is a really good district to choose. For this price, you get a very good deal in this area.

Mouraria – €4,410 per m²

Mouraria is a very central neighborhood that is the Moorish district in town. It has a very unique vibe to it, with some middle eastern accents and local charm. It’s definitely a hipster hotspot in town, which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on what you want. Here you will find little bistros and cafes that are local and not totally overpriced. If architecture, art, and history are important to you when choosing a district, this is the place for you. Lisbon has a lot to offer, but this is a truly unique place and many people simply fall in love with this neighborhood.

Avenidas Novas –  €4,820 per m²

Avenidas Novas, despite what the name suggests isn’t a new neighborhood. The architecture is classy and affluent and so are the inhabitants of this part of town. Just north of the city center, here you will find wide streets, beautiful buildings, and the Parque Eduardo VII, which is hands down the best park Lisbon has to offer. If you have money and want to buy real estate in a classy but calm area, this is your district. There is a university nearby, which means that the nightlife is quite good, but still, most of the crowds here are slightly older and more settled down.

Lapa and Santos –  €5,034 per m²

These are actually two areas, but we decided to bunch them together. Just west of the inner-city center, you have the Lapa and Santos districts. Here the architecture and the cobbled streets are the same ones we all know and love in central Lisbon, but the price is slightly less insane. Here you can live in one of those cute, colorful buildings while paying a more normal price. The bars and restaurants are plentiful and the crowds of tourists are less annoying, though it’s still not for everyone.

Bairro Alto/Baixa – €6,578 per m²

These are the two areas that most people think of when someone mentions Lisbon. If you want life from a postcard, this is the district for you. Well, theoretically. We find it very loud, hectic, and overflowing with visitors. There is a vibe to this part of town that’s faux and international and doesn’t feel like Lisbon. Yes, you will be close to all of the bars and tourist attractions, but how often will you go to those if you buy a property? The truth is, this is a great area for tourists, but for anything longer than a week, do pick something else.

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