Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Dublin

Ireland’s capital is a pretty cool city, that is quickly becoming a prime location for tourism, studying, work, and of course, drinking. No matter if you are a visitor, or actually plan on moving here, it’s interesting to see how much it would cost to buy in the most expansive areas of Dublin. We did some research and down below you will find a list of the most expensive districts of Dublin:

Dublin 3 – 4 697€ per m2

Dublin 3 is a pretty big area, just outside of the city center. It’s more suburban and residential without many touristy sights, but a really nice place to live in. Here you will have a lot of parks and some seafront, with a bunch of bars and restaurants nearby. Like the rest of our entries, this is an upscale area and this one is better suited for families, or people that don’t plan on partying a few times a week. That being said, the center isn’t too far off, just a few kilometers by car.

Dublin 6 – 4 715€ per m2

Dublin 6 is the area south and on the outskirts of the city. This is a suburban district, with a lot of families, a golf course and general peace and quiet. Again, you are not in Dublin proper if you live here, but you are a short drive away from the city center. That being said, if you are younger and want a more active lifestyle, you should avoid this place. If you want the classic, American style, suburb life, this is a really nice place to settle down.

Dublin 14 – 4 781€ per m2

This is the area south of Dublin 6. Again, the same things apply. It’s an affluent area, with a lot of houses and families and it’s far away from the city center. However, here you have a lot of shopping centers, which is a very handy thing to have in your neighborhood, and probably why the prices are a little higher than in Dublin 6.

Dublin 2 – 5 536€ per m2

Finally, we have arrived at the most expensive and arguably nicest area of Dublin. Here, you are in the middle of the city, with all of the amenities that you would expect from a large European city. From here you can walk to the main sights, and many pubs and a lot of other cool activities. Also, Trinity college is located here, which means that a lot of young people are walking around and partying. If you want an active and fun time in Dublin, and can afford it, you should certainly check this area out.

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