Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the most populous and beautiful cities in the Americas, as it combines the architecture of a few different cultures. If you ever find yourself there, after getting used to the huge size of the city, you might wonder where the rich and expensive areas of Buenos Aires are. We did some reading and compiled a list of the Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires:

Barrio Norte

Right in the city center of Buenos Aires, you will find the Barrio Norte, which literally means the north neighborhood. This is a very central area of town, characterized by a square grid and it’s very nice and gentrified. Like a mixture between a Spanish metropolis and an American city, this district is very nice and clean and safe. If you want to go shopping have a nice coffee or eat at a fancy restaurant, this is the best area you can choose. Of course, it’s dominated by corporations, offices, and retail, but there are some people that live here. While there are better places to live in, this is a great spot to stay at, for tourists.


Palermo is the largest district in Buenos Aires, and it really has a lot of diverse amenities to offer. Here you’ll find the Jardín Japonés (the Japanese Garden) and the Bosques De Palermo, which are easily the best places in Buenos Aires to see some nature and get away from the concrete jungle that the city is. If you enjoy urban life, however, Palermo has a lot to offer too. The Palermo Hollywood is also located there. This is one of the most popular districts in town, filled with restaurants, bars, and clubs if you want a fun night out Palermo is the place to go too. It even looks a little like LA, in terms of architecture and overall vibe.

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is a very peculiar and expensive area of Buenos Aires. On the one hand, it’s the home of the Buenos Aires CBD, meaning that you will find a lot of skyscrapers and corporate headquarters here. On the other hand, the  Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve is located here, which is a national park. Within walking distance, you have huge buildings, offices, banks, and a huge park, filled to the brim with untouched nature. You might not be able to afford to buy property here, but it’s definitely worth checking out, as it’s one of the cooler areas in all of Argentina.

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