Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Budapest

Budapest is hands down one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and an awesome place to party. Millions of people visit this central-European Jewell, and it’s only understandable that you would want to live there. The real estate in Budapest has been steadily growing in the past few years and all of the different districts have become quite expensive. For your pleasure, we compiled the 5 most expansive neighborhoods in Budapest down below:

District 6 – 510 000 HUF per m2

District 6, or Terézváros as it’s locally known is a great place to buy property. It’s very central, situated in between Szent István Bazilika, the city park, and the Westend shopping center. Needless to say, it’s a really nice area to live in. The price is high, compared to the entire city, but considering how central you are, it’s a good price. The district is also not completely overrun with tourists, which is something you really need to consider in Budapest. We can recommend buying, renting, or even short-term stays in District 6.

District 12 – 520 000 HUF per m2

The 12th district of Budapest is a very large suburban area, that’s filled with houses. If you want a more American lifestyle, in a cul-de-sac, with a pool and a yard. Not every part of the 12th district is very nice and developed, but the nice areas are really nice and many of the wealthier residents of Budapest live here. You won’t meet any tourists in this area, which is another perk. Overall, this is the spot you want if you don’t want to live in an apartment and don’t move driving around every day.

District 2 – 560 000 HUF per m2

District 2 is a really huge and diverse area. It has the suburban qualities of District 12, but it also extends all the way to the Danube, to a much more urban and cramped area. The truth is that this place is so huge and different from one end to the other, that it could easily be split into a couple of different neighborhoods. If you were considering the 12th or the 1st, this is a great combination of both of them.

District 1 – 590 000 HUF per m2

District 1 is in the very heart of the city. Here you will find the famous Budavári Palota, the Halászbástya and Bécsi kapu. This area is affluent, but also very touristy. All of our previous entries are more geared towards a calm, local life, but here you will get a much more international and touristy experience. If you are young and want to party, or you are just in town for a limited amount of time and want to experience everything, this is a good spot. The prices are steep, but the locations truly are nice and the views and architecture are also amazing.

District 5 – 700 000 HUF per m2

On the other side of the Danube from District 1, you have District 5. It’s where the Parliament is and it’s also where most of the popular sights, bars, and hotels are located. If you want to party and can afford it, this is a good spot to choose. However, it is very hectic and crowded, so be careful what you wish for. Quite frankly, for the price you will be paying here in District 5, you can get a much nicer place just across the river. Leave this one to the tourists.

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