Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in the world and every year, millions of tourists flock there. It has everything. Beaches, history, and a lot of nature around it. Whether you are an international student or a businessman, you probably want to know what the best areas of town cost. Keep in mind that this is the most expensive city in Spain, so owning real estate in Barcelona isn’t for everyone. We did the research and put together this list of the most expensive neighborhoods in Barcelona for you:

Gràcia – 4.185 €/m2

Gràcia used to be its own city for ages, which can still be seen in architecture today. The streets are small and charming and the neighborhood is tightly packed. Despite being close to the center, Gràcia is very Catalonian and keeps its local culture more than some of the surrounding areas. Here you can have traditional meals and wines, relatively uninterrupted by the hordes of tourists that Barcelona is known for. The district is largely absent of tourist attractions, which is likely what saves it from all of the visitors of Barcelona. If you manage to snag a place here, you won’t be sorry.

Ciutat Vella – 4.297 €/m2

Ciutat Vella this is the part of Barcelona that most tourists focus on. The Gothic Quarter and the beach are all here. Theoretically, it’s a great spot, but all of the tourists that are here do make it less than desirable to actually live in. During the day it’s crowded and noisy, while the nights can get pretty doggy, with dealers roaming La Rambla. If you are visiting town for just a few nights, by all means, stay here, as most of the things you want to see and do are around. However, for a prolonged stay or an investment, there are better areas to look at.

Eixample – 4.693 €/m2

Eixample is known for its straight streets and grid pattern. Most of the buildings here are in the shape of an octagon with some space inside. It’s pretty touristy, with Plaça de Catalunya and La Sagrada Familia being there. This area is a bit nicer than Ciutat Vella and safer during the night. It’s still not super chill to live here, as there are loads of tourists, but there are some more residential parts, the further you go from La Sagrada Familia. The more to the north you go, the less touristy it gets. If you can afford it, do look at Eixample, but definitely check the area out, to make sure there aren’t too many tourists walking around.

Les Corts – 4.981 €/m2

Les Corts is in the northwest area of Barcelona. here you will find Camp Les Corts, which is the old stadium of FC Barcelona. The area isn’t particularly touristy, and if you want to see the real Barcelona life, do consider moving here. The northern part of this district goes up the hill and is more suburban. Many of the affluent people in Barcelona live there, as it’s relatively close to the city center, but you can live in a huge house. It’s expensive, but totally worth it, especially if you want to live in a house.

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi – 5.270 €/m2

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi is one of the largest districts in Barcelona. It’s also the home of the richest people in town. Just like with our previous entry, a part of this neighborhood goes up towards the hills, where a lot of huge and expensive houses can be found. This is the closest to ‘Beverly Hills’ that Barcelona has. If you have the money, do consider living here. It’s the best and most expensive part of town, no doubt about it.

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