Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is one of the most vibrant cities in the United States and the economic, cultural, and political center of Georgia. You will find colonial architecture, glass skyscrapers, and modern housing, all in the same city. With more than 6 million people living in the metro area of Atlanta, it can be hard to know which areas of town are doing well and which are bad. If you want to learn what the most expensive neighborhoods in Atlanta are, you are at the right place:


Buckhead is a trendy district in the north of Atlanta. It is a trendy and affluent area, with a lot of young people, shopping centers, nightclubs, fancy restaurants, and hipster cafes. There are many art galleries and parks here and a lot of greenery overall. Most of the people in Buckhead have a house, but there are parts of the neighborhood with condos and high-rises where corporations have their offices. There are also a number of consulates and diplomatic residences here, which is generally a good sign for an area. Regardless, if you are young or old, Buckhead is a great place to live in, with lots to do.


Virginia-Highland is another popular area, just east of downtown Atlanta. It mostly consists of houses from the turn of the century, which give it a more elegant and classy vibe compared to much of Atlanta. As with any popular, high-income district, there are plenty of interesting and exotic restaurants, upscale bars, and places to shop. The neighborhood is not very large, but it is walkable and self-sufficient, certainly one of the best places to live, in the south. On top of that, the proximity to the downtown makes commuting very convenient for most people.


While the downtowns of many American cities have problems with homelessness and crime, Atlanta is one of the better big cities in that regard, and much of the city’s wealth is concentrated here. While Virginia-Highland might be a better place to live, here you will find many high-rises and corporate headquarters, that are the economic hearth of the city and the State of Georgia. The CNN Studio, the Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, and the Capitol are all to be found here. While much of those are touristy, the downtown of Atlanta is also where most government and corporate jobs are located, so the area is of major significance for the locals.

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