Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Athens

Athens is one of the most ancient cities in the world, and it’s easy to lose your sense of time or era while walking through the streets. However, Athens is also a cool, modern, European capital and there is a lot of money, nightlife and culture to do and experience. If you’ve ever wondered where the rich areas of Athens are, we have just the list for you:


Kolonaki literally means ‘little column’ and you can find just that, at the Kolonaki square. However, the small column isn’t the most interesting thing in this neighborhood, as a matter of fact, the namesake of the district is the least interesting aspect of it. It’s a very central and popular area, filled to the brim with taverns, bars, cafes, and restaurants. You have a plethora of options, especially in the summer, when many of the establishments provide outdoor sitting. If you want to have a good night out, Kolonaki is a great neighborhood of Athens to explore. Here you will also find the Byzantine and the War museums, if you want something interesting to do, that doesn’t involve drinking or eating.


Glyfada is quite a bit away from the city center, but it is a great Athenian suburb. If you want to explore the crowds of tourists taking pictures of old columns, you might want to come over to Glyfada. It may be a residential suburb, but it is an affluent area, with great beaches, bars, and restaurants. If you want to combine a vacation to the Greek seaside and some exploration of the historical city that Athens is, Glyfada is the place to be. You get the summer vibe in full swing while being a short drive away from the Parthenon. There are also a lot of shopping opportunities here if that’s more your style.


Gazi is a small district in central Athens. The truth is that the whole area around it is rich and vibrant, but we’ll focus on just Gazi for now. It’s a diverse and unique district, with a lot of bars and cafes to enjoy. However, the most notable inclusion in the neighborhood is the Technopolis, which is a very unique industrial, cultural space. It’s hard to explain what the Technopolis is exactly, but if you’re in Athens at Christmas, you should swing by and check it out. Besides that, Gazi has a cool, urban charm to it.


Including Vouliagmeni on the list is kind of like cheating, as it is essentially its own town and not a suburb of Athens, but it’s too cool not to mention. Vouliagmeni is a super-rich and fancy area, and if you want to experience the rich side of Athens you can’t miss coming here. The fact that the Bilderberg Group has met here a couple of times should tell you everything you need to know. Exquisite bars, fancy restaurants, clean and expensive beaches, and a lot of big, nice houses and hotels are awaiting you in Vouliagmeni. Some of the highest real estate prices in the Balkans are here.