Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Amsterdam

There aren’t many cities that are as cool as Amsterdam. The canals, the architecture, the history, and of course the weed. Millions of people live there and even more, people visit every year. However, it is also a very expensive city, and owning property over there is not at all affordable. We did some research and compiled a list of the most expensive areas in Amsterdam.

Burgwallen-Nieuwe Zijde – EUR 7.081/m2

This is a pretty large area and the prices can vary a lot. The island starts from the Central station to the flower market. It’s full of tourists, especially in summer, but the people that do live here, do live in one of the coolest areas of Amsterdam. The Central Station provides you with a great connection, not just to the rest of the city, but to the rest of the country. The further away you go from the station, the less touristy it gets, but it’s still a very busy and crowded area. If you want to be close to the action and don’t mind some noise, do consider moving here.

Apollobuurt – EUR 7.136/m2

In between the Beatrixpark and the Vondelpark, you will find the Apollobuurt. It’s in the south of Amsterdam and the architecture here isn’t as old as it is in the center. There are some canals, but overall, you have newer buildings here. That’s not a bad thing, however, as the older buildings from the center are often not great to live in. Overall, this is a residential neighborhood, with many affluent people living here and it’s absent of tourists. On top of that, it’s a well-connected district and you can get anywhere in Amsterdam on a bike, or with public transport.

Jordaan – EUR 7.174/m2

Jordaan is a very central and very cool neighborhood of Amsterdam. It’s known as the hipster capital of the city and it’s full of cool and hip cafes. It is also very touristy, and the real Amsterdam hipsters avoid it, but there is no denying that the vibe and atmosphere of this place is great. You have the stereotypical canals and old buildings here, so if you are looking for a postcard-perfect Amsterdam apartment, this is a great place to look at. That being said, it is very crowded.

Museumkwartier – EUR 8.343/m2

The Museumkwartier is in the south of Amsterdam, and as the name suggests, there are many museums to be found here. The Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and a bunch more, are all here. You will also find the Vondelpark here. It really is a great area, that is on the periphery of the touristy part, but it also is very residential. If you manage to afford a place here, it truly is one of the best parts of Amsterdam to live in.

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