Most expensive areas of Phuket

Phuket is one of the most visited resorts in Thailand and also in the world. Every year, millions of visitors come to enjoy the beautiful beaches, amazing food, and exciting nightlife. The island can be very confusing and hectic for foreigners and choosing where to stay is hard to figure out. If you want some help, we have the richest areas of Phuket down below:


Patong is known as one of the seediest, most hectic, and crowdest areas in Thailand, but the abundance of tourists bums up the prices significantly. While many ex-pats and seasoned travelers try to stay away from the non-stop party zone that is Patong, if it’s your first time in Phuket or you want to party, it’s worth checking out. Patong is the main tourist area on the island and has many hotels, restaurants, and bars for you to enjoy. It can be loud and wild, however.

Phuket Town

Phuket Town is, as the name suggests, the main residential area on the island. Many of the locals choose to live here, but there is still a noticeable amount of foreigners walking around most of the time. If you want some semblance of normalcy, public amenities, and infrastructure, this is the best place on the island for that. Phuket Town is the closest you can get to a larger Thai city on the tourist-infested island, and if you want to combine living in Phuket with a more normal lifestyle, the town offers that.

Surin Beach

Surin Beach is a fancy resort area on the western side of Phuket. Here you will find more luxurious hotels, restaurants, and bars. The crowds are more affluent and usually older than what you might find in Patong. Many celebrities and titans of industry choose to spend their vacation in Thailand here, and there is a much more organized and Western vibe in Surin.

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