Most Expensive Areas in Warsaw

Poland has been growing very quickly in the last few decades, which has made the property prices skyrocket, especially in big cities like Warsaw. Some have called it a bubble, but the truth is that Poland is developing quickly, and it makes sense that real estate would be expensive. No matter what you think, there are certainly some very high-end areas in Warsaw, and we have compiled a list for you:

Włochy – 7,300 PLN per m2

Włochy is in the southwest of Warsaw. Here you will find the airport and the zoo, and as you might have guessed, it is away from the city center. Most of the residences here are houses, usually for a family. If you want a calm, peaceful, suburban lifestyle, this is a good district to pick. You will need a car if you live here, but if that’s not a problem, Włochy is a great place to pick and live at. For tourists, however, there isn’t much to do around here and you should go somewhere closer to the city center.

Mokotów – 9 000 PLN per m2

Mokotów is in the south of Warsaw, between the airport and the river. It’s a great neighborhood, with a lot of embassies, parks, and places to walk around. Again, this is an affluent area, away from the busy city center and very residential. A lot of the older, wealthier locals from Warsaw chose to live in Mokotów. There are a lot of parks and green spaces around here, so if you want to take a walk around the neighborhood, this is a really nice area.

Wilanów – 9, 500 PLN per m2

Wilanów is to the south of Warsaw, on the outskirts of the city. It’s a similar district to Mokotów, with a lot of parks, embassies, and houses around. There aren’t too many nice bars and clubs around here, but if you don’t care about those things, this is one of the best parts of Warsaw to live in. Do keep in mind that you will need a car, and the commute to work and the city center can be quite long, so do keep that in mind when looking at Wilanów.

Śródmieście – 11,300 PLN per m2

Śródmieście is the city center of Warsaw. Here, most of the points of interest in the city are concentrated. The architecture is beautiful, there are a lot of restaurants and bars around, and you can do a bunch of cool things. of course, this is where students and tourists come to parties, which can get annoying if you do live here. That being said, this is the heart of Warsaw, and if you want to be close to the action, pick this area. If you can afford it of course.

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