Most Expensive Areas in Tokyo

Depending on the metric you want to use, Tokyo might be the largest city in the world. Regardless of the exact statistics, visitors are always amazed at the sight of this concrete/neon jungle. Tokyo is bigger than many European cities, so having a handy guide can be very useful. There are rich parts and there are run-down parts, however, it can be hard to find out where they are, due to the huge size of the city. Down below you’ll find some of the richest districts in all of Tokyo:


Minato is a very notorious area in Tokyo, the home of many embassies, the Tokyo Tower, and some of the most important corporate headquarters of Japan. Of course, it is a great and wealthy area, as you might expect from any district that is full of diplomats and wealthy businessmen. There isn’t much in terms of nature there, except for the Hamarikyu Gardens, but when it is Tokyo, you shouldn’t really look for that. While Minato might not be that spectacular for tourists, if you are staying in Tokyo for longer, this is an amazing place to stay at.


Even if you don’t know much about Tokyo, you have certainly seen Shibuya, or most notably its crossing. The other notable landmarks here include the statue of Hachikō the dog, the Meiji Shrine, and the Yoyogi Park. Unlike the other major business districts of Tokyo, here you’ll find some nice greenery and places for a walk. Regardless of how long you plan on staying in Tokyo, Shibuya is worth visiting and spending some time in, just because of all of the movies that have been filmed there and all of the love hotels that are concentrated there.


Chiyoda used to be where the Emperor resided. Nowadays it is the political and economic center of Japan. 17 Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters there, and a quarter of Japan’s GDP is being generated in Chiyoda. As you can probably imagine, this isn’t exactly a residential area, but if you care about the Imperial past of Japan, and want to see some history, do plan some time here. The Imperial Palace and its gardens are pretty amazing to see, especially considering that for ages those were reserved for only the highest officials in the country.

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