Most Expensive Areas in Singapore

Singapore is a tiny country/city. However, despite its size, it is one of the most advanced and developed countries in the world. It’s often given as an example for Asia and tourists, students and professionals have been flocking to Singapore in order to experience its futuristic offerings. You might be wondering what buying some property over there might cost you. Down below we have a list of the most expensive areas. All of the prices are in Singapore dollars are are per square foot.

Newton – 1641$

Newton is in the Central Area of the Central Region of Singapore, which can be misleading as it’s in the north of the Downtown Core. It’s a bit more residential and green than the rest of Singapore, but still very close to all of the points of interest. The prices are steep, but still quite a bit cheaper than the most expensive districts in Singapore. The Istana Spice Garden as well as some other gardens, all making up a large park are in the area, so if you want to see some nature, this is the place for you.

CBD – 1804$

No, this has nothing to do with weed. The Central Business District is the area where the biggest cluster of skyscrapers is found. The prices here can vary a lot but surprisingly aren’t the highest in Singapore. If you want to be close to your office or to the fancy bars, you should consider living here. Even if the price of the apartment doesn’t kill you, you should still keep in mind that the prices of pretty much everything else will be high. This is also a very busy and hectic area, and not recommended for people that want to sit back and relax. If you are a student or a tourist, do take a look at some apartments here, if you can afford it.

Tanglin – 1822$

Tanglin is west of the center of Singapore. It’s a rather large area, that is somewhat residential and suburban. Here you will find a lot of greenery, including the Singapore Botanic Gardens. If living in a tall apartment block isn’t for you then maybe this is the district you want to consider. There are a lot of really nice houses in Tangling, so if you want to have your own pool, do take a look at the property around here. It’s also well connected with the rest of the city through the Holland road. Tanglin is also where a lot of Embassies are located, which should tell you everything you need to know about how affluent the area is.

Marina Area – 2072$

As the name suggests, this is the area around the marina, it’s also right next to the CBD. The same issues and benefits of the CBD apply to this area. It’s crowded, full of tourists and everything is expensive. On the other hand, it’s also where a lot of the very luxurious things are located. The marina is a bit more expensive, as the fancy boat view adds to the exclusiveness of the area. However, we cannot recommend actually living here, as there are cheaper, better alternatives in Singapore.

Orchard – 2112$

Orchard is a tiny district, sandwiched between Tanglin and Newton. It’s a very exclusive and affluent place, with shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels. The truth is that the many businesses that are located here drive up the price quite a bit, which means that for residents it’s better to pick a different spot. there isn’t really a reason to spend so much more money for Orchard when the surrounding districts have similar things to offer. Singapore has many great neighborhoods that are less expensive and it’s best to live Orchard to the businesses.

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