Most Expensive Areas in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the home of China’s first Special Economic Zone, and that lead to it quickly growing and developing at a breakneck pace. Situated right next to Hong Kong, the city is a mirror of that megapolis, but with a more mainland China flavor. Millions of tourists, ex-pats, and businessmen visit Shenzhen every year, but when a city is this huge, it’s easy to get lost. That’s why we have a list of the richest areas of Shenzhen:


Nanshan is located in the west of Shenzhen and is one of the most popular areas for foreigners. Here you will find mostly residential buildings and a lot of greenery. The 南山公园 is a great forest-covered hill that you can hike up to and get some great views of the city. Nanshan is also well connected to the rest of the city and has easy access to Hong Kong. Overall, this is a great area for families and people that want to be away from the hectic city life.


Futian is the main central area of the city, with most of the bug business and administration being located here. Many skyscrapers are located here, some of which offer great views at the top and are open to the public, such as Ping’an International Financial Center. Beyond that, the Shenzhen stock exchange and many other huge buildings can be found here. As you might expect, Futian is very expensive and the apartments here are smaller and more suited for a single individual that wants to be in the thick of things.


Luohu has humble beginnings as a fishing village but is now the main financial center of Shenzhen. There are the usual high rises to be found here, but there are also some very traditional Chinese buildings surviving in the area. Overall, there is a much more local vibe here than in Futian. Many luxury restaurants, shops, and apartments can be found here and there is also great nightlife in this area.

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