Most expensive areas in Shanghai

Shanghai is by some estimates the largest city in the world, and one of the most important financial, technological, and manufacturing centers in the world. It’s easy to be enchanted by the huge sky scrapers and futuristic architecture. The city has its own vibe and culture that is hard to explain to people that haven’t visited yet. There is a lot of poverty, but increasingly there is a lot of wealth in Shanghai. We have prepared a list of the richest of the rich areas:


Generally, the closer to the city center of Shanghai you are, the more expensive the real estate is. Hongkou is the outer layer of the city’s inner core, and its one of the more affordable areas, though it is still expensive. Here you will find Lu Xun Park, which is a really great place for a walk, and a couple of universities, which adds a cool youthful vibe to the area. Overall, this is the district you might want to check out if you want to see a more normal and residential side of Shanghai, that is somewhat affluent.


There is a decent chance that you will arrive in Shanghai via the Hongqiao International Airport, which is located in the Changning district. It says a lot about a city when there is an international airport in a neighborhood so close to the city center, but it should come as no surprise that Shanghai is huge. The area itself is not that special and there isn’t too much to set it apart from the other districts of the city, but if you want to travel comfortably and be close to airfare, Changning is a good option.


Xuhui has an interesting history and has always been a prominent district of Shanghai. Initially, it was an imperial area, after which it became Catholic. Due to Shanghai’s colonial past, you can still see some French influence in the area, such as the St. Ignatius Cathedral of Shanghai, which looks out of place around the tall skyscrapers and Chinese high-rises. Nowadays, Xuhui is an expensive and commercial area, filled with the headquarters of big corporations and shopping malls. If you want to experience a more Western side of the city, definitely check it out.


Huangpu is the most central area of Shanghai and also the most expensive and dense district. Here you will find some of the most important institutions and landmarks of the city, like the Bund, the Old City God Temple, Nanjing Road, and Huaihai Road. Everything from gardens, temples, to offices and fancy shops is located here. It can be a hectic place and not everyone wants to live here, but if you are just a tourist, this is the one area that you absolutely do not want to miss from Shanghai.

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