Most Expensive Areas in São Paulo

São Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world, and the largest city in the Americas. As you can imagine, a city of that size has something to offer for everyone and there are many diverse areas to live in and explore. Many wealthy Brazilians choose to live there, which has raised the prices of some of the real estate and led to the formation of some amazing neighborhoods. Here we have a list of the richest districts in São Paulo:


Pinheiros is located close to the city center of São Paulo and is one of the most desired districts to live in, especially for younger people. The best way to describe Pinheiros is as a hipster district, filled with artisanal shops, cool cafes, and modern bars. If you want to experience a Brooklyn-style neighborhood, then this is the right place for you. In a city as large and hectic as São Paulo, Pinheiros provides everything you’ll need in terms of fun and entertainment.

Itaim Bibi

Itaim Bibi is the fancy and luxurious business district of São Paulo. It looks like many other similar districts around the world, with tall office buildings and wide streets. Here you will find the headquarters of many large companies, as well as some residential real estate. Many of the city’s most expensive and elegant restaurants are located here, and there are more than a few famous brand stores in the area. if we continue with the New York metaphor, Itaim Bibi is the Manhattan of São Paulo.

Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena is another hip and trendy district, with a lot of young people, art, and vibrant nightlife. Perhaps its most famous feature is the abundance of street art, which has turned this neighborhood into an open-air gallery. If you want a more laid-back and artsy atmosphere, Vila Madalena provides that. it should go without saying that the city also has many great restaurants and bars and live music is often heard through the street.


Liberdade is a unique area in São Paulo and a must-see for all visitors to the city. Here you will find the Japanese town of the city. Many experts claim that this district is the home of the largest Japanese diaspora, outside of Japan itself. The history of how this neighborhood came to be is interesting and worth reading upon. The area is characterized by its red lantern street lighting, as well as the many sushi and Japanese restaurants around. Nowadays, many Koreans and Chinese people also choose to live here, which has brought their own local cuisine to the vibrant Liberdade.

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