Most Expensive Areas in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands, and more and more ex-pats and students are finding out about this city. While it does not have the old and beautiful architecture of Amsterdam and Utrecht, Rotterdam has a cool and modern vibe, almost American. If you plan on studying, working, or visiting the city, we have a list of the richest and most expensive areas of Rotterdam.

Kop van Zuid

On the south of the Erasmusbrug, you will find the new and flashy, Kop van Zuid neighborhood. It’s very close to the city center, and well connected with the metro and the rest of the city. The area used to be industrial, but nowadays you can find many luxurious and tall offices, hotels and museums. Some of the hippest and cool restaurants and bars in town are also found here. The Foodhallen and a few other trendy restaurants are in this district. Overall, Kop van Zuid is very popular with students and ex-pats, and anyone that wants a fun and active social life. However, it can get pricey.


Kralingen is located to the west of the city center, but right next to the Kralingse Forrest and lake. It’s a suburban area, that is made up of lower story brownstone houses. However, on top of being a part of the city and Rotterdam’s urban core, you will also find a very large park within walking distance. Overall, Kralingen is a chill and safe area, great for families and people that are looking for a slower pace of life and not necessarily wild nightlife. That being said, the clubs, bars, and nightlife are a short bike ride away. If you can afford it and want a tranquil district, Kralingen is certainly a place to consider.


The Rotterdam city center is the wealthiest and most expensive area of the city. You will likely arrive in the city via the Rotterdam Centraal, which is conveniently located in the city center. You will find multiple museums here, including the Kijk-Kubus, the Witte Huis, and many others. On top of that, you have many shops, restaurants, and bars located here. The city center is the heart of Rotterdam and as a visitor, you will likely spend most of your time here. Of course, the prices here are steeper than anywhere else in the city.

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